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A round-up of London Marathon charity content

Charities and the London Marathon

Sunday 22nd April saw over 40,000 runners take part in the Virgin Money London Marathon with over 2,000 charities benefiting from their fundraising efforts. So far over £45 million has been raised for good causes. We take a look at some great London Marathon content from charities.

Sharing inspiring stories of their runners

Most people who run for a charity have a story to share. Here’s some inspiring stories that charities shared, ahead of the marathon and on the day.

Wishing their runners ‘good luck’

Running a marathon is no mean feat, especially when temperatures were predicted to be the hottest on record (which they were at 24 degrees Celsius), so they needed lots of well wishes and ‘good luck’.

Cheering their runners on the day

The London Marathon is renowned for the atmosphere on the day. Charities and their volunteers come out in full force to cheer runners on. Many live tweet throughout the day so that their supporters, who can’t be there, can still feel involved and part of the action. It’s also a great way to show future runners the kind of support they could expect to receive if they choose to run for them.

Saying ‘thank you’

It’s so important to say those two words: thank you. Not only do the runners need to be thanked but so do all the volunteers and those who came along to cheer the runners on.

Inspiring others to get involved

Post-marathon is the perfect opportunity to promote your other runs or challenge events – whilst everyone is buzzing and feeling motivated!

Big sporting events are the perfect opportunity to create content that will reach a new audience, share your supporter’s stories, inspire people to fundraise for you and say ‘thank you’.