How to get your free Insight Report and why you need it

Sometimes people can freeze up when they hear words like “analytics” and “insights”. That’s understandable – what do they mean and, more importantly, how are they useful to you?

In our day to day lives, spinning many plates, we often have the best intentions of using data to make informed decisions. More often than not it’s easier said than done. Here at Lightful, we have taken on the challenge of getting the right data in front of you so you can take decisive action from it. We don’t like drowning in data – and we know you don’t either!

That’s why we want our social media Insights Report to be a quick and easy tool that helps you make informed decisions about your social media marketing.

What is the Insights Report?

A simple report that will analyse your posts from the last 30 days and give you some clear recommendations. We’ll take you through a step by step review of your top posts and media and give you some recommendations of the best time to post.

How does the Insights Report work?

Our simple Insights Report will automatically generate when you connect a social media profile to Lightful. If you’ve already connected social media profiles to Lightful, you’ll find your reports in your Organisation page.

The more accounts you connect, the more Insights Reports we will create – it’s as simple as that!

What can I learn from it?

It’s important to review your best performing posts so you can learn what made them successful – was it the time of the day, the cunning copy or a choice emoji? The first page of your report will show you your top-performing posts based on engagement (the number of likes, comments and shares combined).

Next up we’ll show you the top-performing media from the last 30 days. These are the images that resulted in the highest engagement – you might want to think about how you can repurpose them for posts in the future.

And finally, we’ll show you your best posting times. It’s important to post when you have the highest chance of getting good engagement (after all, engagement is the best metric for ensuring your audience engages with your call to action).

Scheduling your posts for the times when you get the best average engagement might be a great way to ensure more people see and share your posts!

How can I use the Insights Report?

You don’t need to be part of a big team or spend too much time on social media to understand what works for your social media posts. The Insights Report can help you be more efficient on social media while understanding the types of posts that work better for your organisation.

It’s also a good way to present to your team what works and what needs to be improved.

Ready to access your own social media Insights Report`?