What we’ve been building at Lightful – December 2019 update

It’s been quite a while since we’ve been in touch to share some of  Lightful’s latest updates, and with the wild ride that is #GivingTuesday, plus gearing up for end of year giving, we wanted to update you on a few of our latest features designed to save you time, and allow you to make the most of social.  

We do all we can to ensure that we build features that will actually bring our wonderful charity users value, and we follow a discovery process to ensure the features we’re building are going to actually be helpful! Thank you to those who have already taken part in our user testing, and for anyone else interested, please contact vikram@lightful.com 

So, what have we been busy working on?


Insights reports 

Firstly, we know how difficult it can be sometimes to get started with social, especially when you’re not quite sure what you’re already doing right (or wrong!). That’s why we’ve created insights reports. For each of your social profiles, we generate a report showing your top-performing posts, media, and your personalised best time to post. This gives you the extra info you need to go off and make your best posts yet! 

If you’ve not used Lightful yet to post anything- no problem! As soon as you connect a new social profile, we’ll import your previous 30 days of posts- so even as a new user, you can still see those valuable insights.

New Storybuilder templates 

Many of our users have told us how helpful our Storybuilder templates are for when you’re building your social media campaigns, or even just to schedule a series of posts at the same time. So we’ve added some new ones, specifically to get you through this busy end of year period. You can see them here. 

These new templates will help build your end of the year fundraising appeal, as well as schedule a series of posts to go out over that weird period between Christmas and New Year, so you can concentrate on your turkey and eating those left-over mince pies. 


Hashtag suggestions

Throughout December, we’ll also be releasing a few helpful features into our compose page, all aiming to help you create better content, easily. 

We’ve included best practice tips to let you know about media guidelines for each platform and how long your posts should ideally be, as well as integrated hashtag suggestions. 

This looks at the content of your post and suggests the related hashtags that have the most exposure, so you can tune into the right conversations. 

Lastly, we created the best time to post feature which scans your content and the tens of thousands of posts sent through Lightful to determine the best time for you to post so that you receive the most engagements. 

What’s next for Lightful

If you’re a Lightful user, we’ll be keeping you updated on all of this, plus new exciting features we have in the works throughout next year. If you have a specific feature you’d love to see on Lightful, or there’s something that would just make your life easier- I would love to hear from you! Please do get in contact and let me know on jennifer@lightful.com