It’s really important to be strategic about your social media, otherwise, you may find yourself spending time and resource on managing it but not knowing if it’s actually working. As we explained in our post on social media content planning, there are lots of benefits to creating a content plan. But how do you get started?

Five steps to create a social media content plan for your organisation:

1. Decide what type of content you’ll create

Start thinking of the content that could resonate with your supporters – is it short videos, powerful images, long-form etc? Then, analyse what you have posted before to see which content was the most successful and explore what you can create next. Think of your upcoming campaigns, the events you’ll be joining in or running, the awareness days that are relevant to your organisation and come up with content types that you’ll need.

2. Get inspired by new ideas

Inspiration is a good thing, especially before planning your content. If you’d like to test new ideas and creative directions, then have a look at other social profiles from organisations, influencers, or even friends. You never know what will inspire you. And don’t forget to look outside the sector too.

3. Plan your campaigns

The next step is to create the copy for your posts. This stage is when you start thinking of your tone of voice, your message, the visual content and any other resources that you’ll need for your campaign. This way you’re more organised and have time to think strategically about the best ways to engage your supporters.

You can also prepare your social posts as part of a campaign through our Story Builder to have a visual overview of the number of posts you’ll share on each channel.

4. Add the content to your calendar

Once you’ve decided on the content you need, it’s time to start scheduling it. Not all content can be planned in advance, but it’s still useful to have a bank of content ready for the days that you’ll be busy and have less time to spend on your platforms. That’s when a social content plan becomes handy. You can plan your next day, week, or month by scheduling your posts for each channel.

5. Analyse results

Right after your first week of your new social media plan, you can review the performance of your content. Your metrics can help you discover your most successful posts, your best performing platforms, both in terms of traffic, but also for engagement.

How are you organising your social content? Any other tips you’d like to share with us? Tweet us @Lightful.

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