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Social media round-up for charities – #5

Social media round-up for charities #9

Welcome to our fifth social media round-up! Here’s the latest social media news and what it means for your charity.

  1. Instagram launches IGTV

Instagram has launched a new app, which allows people and organisations to create a channel where they can post vertical videos of up to an hour long. Although it’s a separate app, you can also create your channel and post within the Instagram app too.

Lightful CEO & Co-Founder, Vinay Nair, says, “This is Instagram’s answer to YouTube, in my opinion, which as we all know is the current king of video content for creators. I think the advantage for charities using IGTV is that most will have a larger following on Instagram than they do on YouTube so they already have a captive audience. Another advantage is that the videos can all just be shot on a mobile phone, making it highly accessible to charities of any size. I’m excited to see what charities post to IGTV!”

And it looks like some charities have already dived right in:

2. LinkedIn introduces hashtags

You may already have noticed this as LinkedIn asked you to confirm what you’re interested in when you logged in, after launching this feature. They now also prompt and suggest relevant hashtags when you create updates. The aim is to help personalise your feed and give you more relevant content. In turn, this should help your content reach more people who have shown an interest in hashtags relevant to your cause.

LinkedIn's Hashtags

3. Facebook groups may charge fee to access them

Apparently, Facebook is testing a feature which will allow groups to start charging a monthly fee for exclusive membership in certain groups. They’re testing it with some cooking, home cleaning and parent groups. Whilst it could be a source of diversifying income for charities, we doubt charities would charge members to join an exclusive group as this would most likely go against their mission. Perhaps some groups would have the ability to donate – or give members the option to donate – their monthly fee to a charity? Now that we could get behind.

4. Facebook tests the ability to cross-post

Facebook is testing the ability to cross-post a Facebook post to Instagram. Whilst this would save time and would be great for some, we really recommend not doing this as you should tailor your message for each platform. Also, Instagram relies on lots of hashtags to get your post noticed, which would just look really messy on a Facebook post. Plus, the formatting is different so really it’s a ‘no’ from us.

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