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Social media round-up for charities – #8

Social media features update 8

Welcome to our eighth social media round-up – we’re almost in the double digits! We’ve scoured the internet to find and curate the latest social media news – and what it means for your charity. Enjoy!

1. Facebook pages can join groups

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for… finally you can join a Facebook group as a page! Although don’t get too excited because it’s currently being tested and isn’t available yet to all groups and it will also have to be enabled by group admins. But watch this space! So what does this mean for charities? It means that you can now join groups that are relevant to your cause, without having to join with your personal account (and therefore be identifiable).

Facebook Group feature

2. Twitter reverses chronological order

Remember when Twitter changed their algorithm back in 2016 and started showing you the ‘best tweets first’? Everyone hated it! Well, finally they are letting you have more control of your newsfeed and you can now opt to go back to viewing tweets in reverse chronological order. Yay!

Twitter reverses chronological tweets

3. Learn how to create awesome stories

Want to use Instagram and Facebook stories or test stories on Messenger and WhatsApp? Well, check out this video from Facebook Business Events, which will show you how to create impactful stories.

4. Instagram tests new hashtag feature

We all know that you have to have a pretty strong hashtag game to reach new people on Instagram. But quite frankly, using loads of hashtags can look pretty messy. Also, do you put them in the caption or the comment? No one really knows which is more effective. Well, it might not matter soon because Instagram is testing a feature where hashtags will have their own dedicated area!

Instagram hashtag testing

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