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Social media round-up for charities – #9

Social media round-up for charities #9

Welcome to our ninth social media round-up. We’ve scoured the internet to find and curate the latest social media news – and what it means for your charity. Enjoy!

1. Twitter tests annotations in moments

Now this is exciting. Whilst we love moments to curate and create a story of an event or a campaign, it’s always been frustrating that you couldn’t add any context. Seems like we may get that feature soon!

Twitter Moment annotation

Whilst this is good news, the bad news is that Twitter has taken away the ability to create Moments from your mobile. Instead, you have to create them from your desktop. Weird, we know.

2. Instagram launches story school

Instagram stories are a great way for you to test content, poll your followers, ask questions and show ‘behind the scenes’ snippets. Now, Instagram has launched story school to help you learn how to use this feature to find new followers and create engaging posts.

Instagram Story School

3. Pinterest passes 250 million users

The online pinboard site has surpassed 250 million users. Whilst that’s nothing compared to Facebook or Instagram, if you know how to use Pinterest for e-commerce or to drive people to your website, then this is great news! Not sure how to use it? Our blog post will help.

4. Facebook in video views row

Facebook has landed itself in hot water and is being sued over inflating its video views metrics by discounting shorter video views (3 seconds or less). This means that it inflated the average viewing times for each video and as a result, advertisers put more money into its video ads on Facebook, over other platforms. This happened back in 2015 and, according to court papers, Facebook didn’t act for over a year. They now have a dedicated metrics team and they also allow third parties to regularly review their measurements.

Interesting reads

Here are some articles and blog posts that we found interesting and think you might too so grab a cuppa and get reading!