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Vinay Nair: Helping the charity sector to build resilience through digital during this extremely challenging time

I hope you are all finding your way through this extremely challenging time of COVID-19, both personally and professionally.

We are living such personal stories right now. From my end, we are doing our best to navigate this – being married to a wonderful GP, I’m hearing many stories of how hard things are for so many. It is also inspiring to see some of the amazing things that are happening around us. I wish you all the best on the personal front.

On the professional side, my amazing colleagues at Lightful are working flat-out to see how we can be of greater help to the sector.

And so I just wanted to share this message on some of the things we’re doing, but to also ask what else we might be able to do to help more.

In the last few days, we hosted a webinar on free resources available to charities during the coronavirus. The recording will be available for everyone this week, as well as a blog outlining free resources that are available.

What’s coming up

In conjunction with several wonderful partners, we are planning a number of different webinars, live events, blogs, our podcast and other recordings, including:

  • A digital drop-in that my colleague Tereza Litsa is running on Wednesday for anyone working in digital (sign up here)
  • We’re sharing a blog with six ideas of how to stay productive from work, in partnership with Social Misfits Media
  • Different team members will share remote working tips, across multiple aspects of what they do, from engineering & development to project management to HR & operations and beyond
  • We are planning a webinar with Beth Kanter to learn from her expertise on how to facilitate remote meetings
  • We also have the free version of our social media management platform made for charities to help you save time as you plan your content ahead while collaborating with your colleagues

We would also appreciate your feedback on what else we can do to help? Content-wise and format-wise, what else would be helpful for us to do?

Please follow us on our various social channels and let us know.

We will also coordinate as best we can with our sector partners so that collectively we can be of the greatest service and support.

We’ll be sharing more details of a COVID19 response cohort next month as well so that we can keep moving forward together.

Look for the Helpers

As I say, through everything that is happening, there is a lot of truly inspirational activity happening in communities. We will keep sharing these inspirational stories. We get a lot of strength from this, and with our belief that we can reclaim social media for good, let’s do our best to amplify positive messages during this time as well.

Share your ideas with us

Our ‘why’ at Lightful that we believe those doing the greatest good, deserve the best technology.

So please do get in touch and let us know what else we can to help.

Very best wishes personally and professionally to you all,