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[Screengrab] Lightful platform Welcome page
[Screengrab] Lightful platform Welcome page
[Screengrab] Lightful platform Welcome page

Features built specifically for you.

[Screengrab] Lightful platformCampaign Builder

Story Builder

The most powerful way to engage your supporters is by telling them a story and our Story Builder gives you step-by-step instructions to do exactly that. Whether you want to spread awareness, build support or raise funds, following basic best practice in story telling can make you 50%+ more effective.

[Screengrab] Lightful platform Collaborate


Your whole team (including all of your stakeholders) can effortlessly manage all of your content, campaigns and relationships from just one place. This allows you to oversee what gets published and when.

[Screengrab] Lightful platform App


We have an Android and iOS mobile app that gives you access to the platform on-the-go. Whether it’s editing a post or taking photos in the field, you can take care of your social media wherever you are.

[Screengrab] Lightful platform Analytics


Sometimes it can seem difficult to know exactly how much effect you are having on social media idea but our Analytics can change all that. We’ll break down your performance at post and campaign level, as well as by social profile so you can see exactly how you’re getting on.

[Screengrab] Lightful platform Inspiration


Listen to the topics and news most relevant to you and join the conversations that matter. Plus, when you are in need of some inspiration we can suggest engaging content for you to use in your posts.

[Screengrab] Lightful platform Images


Everyone loves a picture, that’s why tweets with images get 18% more click-throughs. With that in mind we set up an image bank with 200,000+ copyright-free images that you can use for no charge whatsoever.

[Screengrab] Lightful platform Schedule


We can help you plan your posts to more than one place, as well as give you tips to make sure your social media posts are working as hard as possible.

[Screengrab] Lightful platform Overview


Your dashboard will give you a snapshot of all your activity, showing you what’s worked and what you have planned. This gives you complete control over all of your campaigns.

[Screengrab] Lightful platform Posts


Our ‘Posts’ feature stores all your hard work and is fully searchable. It can be filtered by campaign, time frame, profile or platform, and sorted by performance metrics. You can spot patterns in performance or reuse that genius post that came to you in a moment of inspiration last month. Never waste a post again.

[Screengrab] Lightful platform Media Library

Media Library

We all know what it’s like trying to hunt down a media file in a charity. Who has it on their hard drive? Who has the high resolution one? Which volunteer took that photo from yesterday’s event? Use our Media Library as a library to store all your files as a team, upload from your phone or desktop.

[Screengrab] Lightful platform Approval Queue

Approval Queue

When you have other people posting for you it can be difficult to make sure your tone of voice stays consistent. Our permissions and approval functionality lets any team member write posts for you but you get the final say on anything before it leaves the building.

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