BRIDGE: building resilience in digital growth and engagement

A comprehensive and collaborative 12-month programme to equip charities with the digital skills and capabilities they need to become more resilient organisations with more impact.

A turning point

Charities are strained by two opposing forces: increased regulation, budgetary pressures, and a lack of public trust while also facing an ever-increasing demand for their services.

Lightful believes that technology is essential to transforming the non-profit sector. While larger charities have been able to adapt and thrive thanks to dedicated staff, relevant tools, and allocated funding, smaller ones lack the support and resources for their digital presence to do justice to their high impact and work.

How BRIDGE can help

BRIDGE equips charities with the competence and confidence to flourish. We know that the most exciting and inspiring stories come from grassroots organisations – and we want to amplify these good stories. With crucial support from foundations, participants learn to embrace digital through interactive masterclasses and webinars, dedicated one-on-one support, and digital tools.

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The BRIDGE programme responds to the increasing need for charities to start to fully understand and make the most of technology

Donor preference

61% of donors worldwide prefer to give online.

Need for transparency

70% of millennials would like to be better-informed of how their money is actually spent.

Fundraising potential

72% of charities think digital skills would help them increase fundraising.

The BRIDGE programme is made up of three key areas:


Premium access to Lightful’s social media management tool


Dedicated relationship manager, content library and BRIDGE community


Live masterclasses and webinars on key digital and social media topics

The BRIDGE Programme is flexible and scalable with two options to choose from:

Open cohort

You can enroll on the BRIDGE programme throughout the year

Strategic partnership

We can design a bespoke programme for you for their charities to participate in the BRIDGE Programme in their own exclusive cohort. This is for a larger group of charities (50+).

Help charities harness technology as a force for good, overcome today’s challenges and become more resilient for tomorrow through digital.

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