Vaccine Trust Building BRIDGE Programme

The Vaccine Trust Building BRIDGE Programme provides Community Champions and faith leaders with the digital skills, tools and support to build trust in vaccines across political and demographic divides.

It’s vital to build trust in vaccines

Despite the immense promise of vaccines to train the immune system to recognise and combat COVID-19, mistrust and discord challenge their successful rollout and adoption. Trust in vaccines is particularly low with at-risk communities that have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. Low trust, and low adoption, creates life-threatening risks in these communities, as well as hindering the path towards population-wide immunity.

Evidence from scientists alone will not rid people of their doubts. Although science may present compelling evidence, the often dispassionate language of scientific research is not enough to unite people around a common goal, especially when doubt has become so deeply embedded in communities. These differences, and how to tailor messages to specific audiences, need to be directly addressed.

BRIDGE, which stands for Building Resilience In Digital Growth and Engagement, helps charities to combine digital skills, support and training over 6 months to respond to emergencies. We have adapted this tried and tested programme to provide participants with greater knowledge and understanding on the use of digital, to build trust in vaccines across political and demographic divides.

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'When we began the BRIDGE programme we wanted to have support from experts in the media field. The programme helped us to prove the value and importance of social media within our organisation.'

BRIDGE participants

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How BRIDGE helps

BRIDGE is a digital capacity-building programme designed to equip Community Champions and faith-based or community leaders build and spread trust in vaccine programmes with their communities.

The programme runs for 6 months centred around the key strands of skills, tools and support. Using a range of methods, content, tools and technology, and benefiting from a variety of expert speakers and partners, we enable diverse Community Champions or faith-based or community leaders to build back trust and reassurance in vaccines, which is so urgently needed to strengthen civic society. We work both individually and collectively with participants to maximise the effectiveness of the programme and their public health campaigns.

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Civilians in Conflict

Washington, USA

‘BRIDGE enabled us to develop more consistency as we grow our audience and engagement. We’ve clarified guidelines as to what we are posting, when we are posting it, and who we are targeting with our content. In doing so, we’ve increased the number of engagements within our organization and our external audience.’


The impact of previous BRIDGE programmes

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Charities raised 44% more if they attended BRIDGE webinars compared to organisations who did not

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Participants reported a 25% increase in confidence in digital fundraising and social media campaigns

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Engagement increased 54% more per social media post on average compared to a control group

The BRIDGE programme is made up of three key areas:

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Premium access to Lightful’s social media management tool and other resources

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Dedicated relationship manager, content library and BRIDGE community

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Live masterclasses and webinars on key digital topics, vaccine facts and how to counter misinformation

BRIDGE programmes delivered successfully in partnership with

The programme is designed to help two key audiences

Community Champions

We will help Community Champions with the right skills and tools they need to run an effective and compelling information campaign to promote vaccine trust – and tackle digital misinformation for an immediate impact.

Faith-based or community leaders

We will help those who are rooted and trusted in their communities to share facts and counter disinformation. The goal is to enable diverse faith-based groups to build back trust and reassurance in vaccines, across interfaith lines, which is so urgently needed to strengthen civic society.

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