Get more organised with social media scheduling (NP)


Get more organised with social media scheduling.

Master social media scheduling. A simple, easy way to succeed with social media and improve your ROI.


Say goodbye to setting reminders to post on social media. Plan your posts in advance to save time and stay ahead. Let Lightful do the rest.

Story Builder.

Story Builder allows you to easily create social media projects and helps you structure your story using best-practice templates. Have an upcoming campaign, event or fundraiser? Engage your supporters by taking them on a journey that will get them invested in your cause and more likely to take action.


Create and stay tuned into the conversations that matter most with built-in calendar Awareness Days. With hundreds available and the ability to add your own, you can find and plan your content in advance. View your social media calendar with clarity to stay on the pulse.

Our platform will help you:

Save Time.

All of our features are designed to help you save time.

Strengthen Relationships.

You’ll be able to build stronger relationships with your current and potential supporters.


We make it easy for you to collaborate as a team.

Join some of the other great causes using Lightful today.

Prostate Cancer Research Centre.

“We use the Lightful platform to post all of our Facebook and Twitter posts, and it’s also encouraged us to start regularly on LinkedIn as well, as it saves so much time. I log on on a Monday morning, and can schedule all of our posts for the week so that I don’t have to worry about them.

We also use the platform to monitor our engagements, and it’s been great to log in and see our analytics going slightly in the right direction each time!”

Apples & Pears Foundation.

“We love the emails that we get from Lightful – not just about how to use the platform, but also teaching us more about how we can increase our engagement rates and grow our audiences on the different platforms. We’re finding the storytelling component to the platform really useful, and the Story Builder feature makes us think more strategically about the posts we’re writing.

We can now create campaigns that allow us to tell stories, not just send out standalone, disjointed posts.”

Stay Up Late.

“As we’re such a small nonprofit, social media can end up being one of those things we know we should be doing, but finding time for is another matter! Lightful allows us to get it done in no time at all, and allows us to worry about other things.

We’ve moved from creating our social posts every now and then when we remember to, to having scheduled posts for the week. We’ve dipped our toes into using other platforms to post our social media before. The difference with Lightful is that it feels so easy and instinctive to use. It’s the first one that has really saved us time!”

Woman’s Trust.

“The team at Lightful continues to invest a lot of time in understanding our business, the challenges we face, and our relationship with technology.

We weren’t aware of the extent to which social media can drive 1-2-1 relationships at scale, and we’ve since experienced this first-hand.