Community, social and environmental impact

A climate-positive workforce powering social change

At Lightful, we take great care to minimise our impact on the environment and treat employees and partners fairly

Our impact

Impact for clients, not on community or climate

The B Corp certification process gave us a framework we could use to review the impact of our operations. We reflected on the impact we have on our team, our clients and the wider community and considered how our day-to-day actions impacted the planet.

As a result, we changed the way we purchase and use office supplies and how we dispose of waste. We now focus on working with suppliers aligned with our missions, values and environmental goals, and have explored how to reduce or remove our digital impact.

We choose to support charities and other purpose-led businesses whenever we have the opportunity. Our team socials and activities put charity awareness and donations front and centre, from a festive MIND Crafternoon event to a February active challenge that saw donations to ten charities chosen by our team.

Fair pay with a Living Wage

Living Wage

We're a Living Wage Employer

The real Living Wage is a UK wage rate that is voluntarily paid by 7,000 UK businesses who believe their staff deserve a wage which meets everyday needs.

Over 250,000 UK employees have received a pay rise as a result of the Living Wage campaign, and you can learn more on their website.

Carbon offset tree planting


Less carbon, more trees

Through the Ecologi Action Initiative, we’ve helped fund 28 gold-standard certified global carbon reduction projects and the planting of over 12,371 trees in reforestation and mangrove projects in Madagascar, Mozambique and Nicaragua.

As part of the movement to help create a more sustainable future for all, Lightful also took part in Ecologi’s “It’s Time” Festival of Climate Action, a two day summit of global activism.

  • 12,371 trees planted through our employee carbon offset programme

  • 1,106.77T CO2e offset through 28 global carbon reduction projects

  • Climate positive workforce for 19 months, as at March 2021

Healthy habit pledges


Healthy habits, healthy planet

In 2020 the Lightful team was invited to take part in a pledge campaign to encourage healthier habits for people and the planet.

The 203 pledges confirmed by our team equated to savings of the equivalent of 49 flights from Glasgow to Amsterdam:

  • 295,497L water saved

  • 2,869kg of carbon saved

  • 27,403kg waste

Sustainability champions


Policies that protect the planet

Our sustainability champions group has allowed individuals from across our team to help generate ideas and lead the way on improving our environmental impact. This has led to initiatives including:

  • A central resource with information and ideas related to sustainability for home working

  • A blog on sustainable web design

  • Team session on improving the environmental impact of our technology

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