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Lightful is a Certified B Corporation®, and our digital products and services are designed for charities and nonprofits to simplify their work and amplify their impact. Read how we’ve been responding to coronavirus and are supporting vaccine trust building.

BRIDGE: building resilience in digital growth and engagement

If you’re a Foundation and Trust looking to support grantees, we offer a comprehensive and collaborative 12-month programme to equip charities with the digital skills and capabilities they need to become more resilient organisations with more impact.

And during the current COVID-19 crisis, we’ve adapted our curriculum to focus on Response, Recovery and Resilience.

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Make technology work for you with custom solutions from Lightful Labs

Our digital consultancy, made up of nonprofit and technology experts, offers customised services to help you and your team do more. We’re passionate about using the power of technology to help you work smarter and increase your impact (even if you are, like us, working remotely).

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Make social media easier with the Lightful social media management tool

The #1 social media tool for charities. Our easy-to-use social media management tool will help you to raise awareness and be more strategic.

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Example screen of the social media tool pop-up alert confirming a post being sent to the approval queue.

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